Component reference list

Instrument panels


Load compartment cover

Speaker grille (plastic and aluminium)

Triangular panels at wing mirrors

Footwell cladding

Roof and column cladding


Footwell mats

Rubber and foam parts

Door cladding panels (design and/or management)

Undercarriage cladding

Wheel arch shells

Radiator tank cover

Rear windscreen

Front seat design

Wing mirror

Leather version, door cladding and dashboard

Engine compartment seals  Foam parts

Mainunit (Push - Pull)


Internal door mountings

Main unit (Push - Pull)

Interchangeable covers Designer covers

Test equipment

Roof rack system

Seating setup Press and Special Vehicles

Project control Door and side cladding panels

Ambient lighting Door cladding


From the initial idea to production readiness,
based on the example of the Audi Q7

Design Management Door cladding

Component design

Customer and supplier management

Schedule monitoring

Change management

Process optimization (installation and leather finish)

Completion on the interior master testing unit